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Add£ºNo.,19 Guangming Road, Development Zone, Xintai ,Shandong Province,China

Shandong depu chemical industry science&technology co.,ltd
is a tech-private enterprise established in 2007,mainly engaged in the production and sales of dimethyl carbonate(40000tons/year),mono propylene glycol(32000tons/year),propylene carbonate(50000tons/year), trichloromethyl carbonate (10000tons/year) etc.It is one of the professional chemical manufacturers with greater single set of production capacity of these product. The company has advanced equipment, perfect quality assurance system, efficient management mechanism and smooth information management network. The modern management model attract and gather many talents. The senior and middle-level professional and technical person are more than 34% of the total number of employees, college or higher education level of workers account for 73.8% of the total employees.
The second-phase project invest 178 million RMB and include in the province's petrochemical industry restructuring and rejuvenation program. After the completion of the project, the enterprise can produce mono propylene glycol 320000tons/year,dimethyl carbonate 40000tons/year,propylene carbonate 50000tons/year and trichloromethyl carbonate 10000tons/year with annual sales income of 10 billion RMB. Our products have been exported to the United States, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Russia, South Korea, Japan and other 20 countries. Our company has always been adhering to the "customer first, quality first" business purposes, win the trust and recognition by our domestic and foreign customers . 
Company is located in Xintai High-tech Development Zone, Shandong Province.
It has an advantageous location,320 miles from Qingdao port,200 miles from Rizhao port,south close to Jinghu,east connect with Shanshen highway. The transportation is very convenient.
The company is willing to work with people from all walks of life with sincere cooperation and common development.

ADD£ºNo.,19 Guangming Road, Development Zone, Xintai ,Shandong Province,China
Email:£º sales@depuchem.com
Contact person£ºInternational Trade Department
Contact person£ºInternational Trade Department