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Xintai will promote the chemical safety management three, six steps"

Xintai City, Shandong will comprehensively promote the safety management of chemical industry
"Three, six step" method of work
In May 1st, Shandong city of Xintai province safety supervision bureau held in Shandong Depp Chemical Technology Co. Ltd. the city's chemical safety management "three of the six step method" judged the scene. Previously, Shandong Depp Chemical Technology Co., made a decision: from April 20th to May 31st to carry out a comprehensive "lean production implementation safety month" activities, positive response, publicizing the chemical safety management "three of the six step method" and the mayor of Liu Yu about important instructions, safety production management work carried out.
Xintai proposed chemical safety management six three step method, its three of the generalization is to refer to the safety of production management, grid, fine, normalization". The "six step" as the main responsibility, team work, positive interaction; simplified, node analysis, chart analysis, section diagnosis; identification of defect, full participation; training innovation, change idea, enhance the ability; five, three anti three teams, solid base; prevention and control technology, double finger oral, type 02. This is the business of the establishment, design, construction, technology, equipment, equipment, personnel, production and management of all aspects of the operation to carry out inspection, analysis, interaction, analysis, identification, diagnosis, weighing and decision-making, so as to find out the lack of management and production in the process of enterprise's weak links, to achieve standardized management, security production; in practice production, management, exploration, perception, collision, extraction, condensation, created from the practice, the effective safety management mode to enterprise production and management of specific guidance, clear and simple, popular, easy to understand and easy to operate easy to implement.
The people's Government of Xintai City Mayor Liu Yu City Administration of the "three six" work made important instructions: rapid discussion, combining with practice and improve, this comes from the practical experience to further refine molding.
According to the Xintai municipal safety supervision bureau director Li Guangrong introduction, the main content of "three six" is: the enterprise is the main responsibility for production safety, the main person in charge of a full responsibility for production safety negative enterprises, is the first responsibility of production safety.


       Safety management is a simple and convenient, the simple and repeated to do. The enterprise or the whole set of production equipment, equipment, facilities, places according to their production processes, production processes are relatively independent of the unit, divided into a number of nodes. Analysis of each node, and detailed grasp of the process flow, process control points, equipment performance and the relationship between the upper and lower nodes, determine the key management nodes and the potential risk of nodes. Slice diagnosis. For each node as CT, and horizontally tomography diagnosis of device, machine equipment and accessories, technological process, operating parameters, and find out the existing problems and hidden dangers and the dangerous part of the verification of potential risk factors, the formation of diagnosis report.
Both the image and intuitive charts judged better play group effect, can avoid the personal thinking space is limited, to inspire each other, cultivating ideas, research and analysis to determine the role of complement each other. The equipment to be judged the pictures on the whiteboard, tagging process parameters, related equipment and fittings, by the technical staff to explain the whole process, presided over the process parameters, and puts forward the existing fault, by the relevant management personnel and operators respectively according to the fault to express their point of view, timely debate, judged the root cause of fault, determine the solution.


    Li Guangrong said that all accidents can be prevented, and determine whether the injury accident occurred in the workplace, the behavior of employees. Training is to open the wisdom, change the idea, and then change the safety behavior. Carrying the traditional safety education, leading the multidimensional security education.
Training is the largest employee benefits, training is the concept of innovation, change the idea, to break the traditional type, didactic education training mode, implement the education consultation and diagnosis. Training is the teaching method, so that employees through education and training not only learn knowledge but also learn how to behave in a way.
Li Guangrong, five: three anti anti anti anti paralysis, luck, Habitual Violation; anti ideological "full", the implementation of prevention and management to prevent the "floating" and "virtual" supervision on the prevention of "soft" and "shallow anti action". Three employees team: no violation, no problems, no harm to the team post. Anti paralysis: non accident staff in-depth investigation in the ideological understanding, implementing rules and operating procedures and other aspects of the detail management problems and deficiencies, profound analysis of the source of the paralysis of thought. Anti accident fluke: in-depth investigation may not occur, the accident happened in our lucky moment factors, this string taut, very careful, as if security. Anti illegal customary: not individual behavior, group behavior, knowingly violate, an inert, is to meet the psychological. In order to correct the Habitual Violation, we must correct the group lazy. Self control of employees is the key to achieve zero injury, must rectify the unsafe behavior, the safety of the staff into the conscious behavior, from the habit, to achieve the essence of security.
To improve mental models, to prevent "full"". As the saying goes, make modest progress, conceit makes one lag behind. "To benefit him, only modest, very modest, to learn the strengths of others, to make up for their lack of; if it is big with pride," "," safe cycle is longer, paralysis lucky thought more weight, but also avoid big with pride always keep a clear head, and very careful; production safety catch must bear in mind that "water is surplus overflow, is missing, decline after reaching the zenith, but without any satisfaction.
To create excellent execution, the implementation of anti floating". The real deal is to implement the excellent execution, hoarse, rather than throw off the arm, safety, in the implementation of floating ring productivity. Then again, clear thinking, scientific method, and detailed plan, and effective measures to implement the work is left empty talk, hanging.
To strengthen the basic level of infrastructure construction, management and prevention". Enterprises do not lack of safety rules and regulations, but the lack of real executive. Outstanding catch management cadre work attitude loyalty, teamwork, responsibility for the first; prominent line of responsibility, leading cadres and forced the field with a class security personnel 24 hours following inspection, thorough investigation to prevent "three puxiashenzai" implementation is not in place; do not relax for a moment to grasp the enterprise security standardization operation, to prevent a mere formality; push forward the "6S" management, seriously treat the details of production management.
Strengthen safety supervision and management, supervision and control of the "soft"". Deepen the hidden investigation and management, action on the shallow". Safety management is deeply find and treat the hazards, do not let any risks, risks is firmly established the concept of accident; strict implementation of the enterprise, workshop weekly check, monthly check, check hidden team self correction system on hidden self zero enterprises, into the focus of law enforcement supervision; careful analysis of mining system hazards, Hazard Program post, hidden, hidden investigation and management, implementation details, acceptance pin number management, firmly in control of the initiative.
Job responsibilities, job responsibilities, job nature and characteristics, combined with relevant laws and regulations, standards formulated as job standards, in accordance with the finger oral way curing staff operating habits, to achieve staff without violation.


       A pair of a pair of a pair, the implementation of the pass, help, with, the implementation of the same award with the penalty, so that "four no harm".
Position no hidden danger. My job safety check, do a class three inspection system (i.e., before the class, class, class), accidents do not push the four directions.
Troubleshooting, standardization, pay attention to the strict, combined with job characteristics, formulate post risk inspection standards, prepare post troubleshooting table, fixed-point, timing fixedfixed line correction.
Linked to risk analysis, risk analysis, identification of risk, risk assessment, the development of abatement measures, precautions, the implementation of emergency disposal facilities.
To spend money to buy hidden dangers. To identify the potential is the ability to develop hidden investigation reward mechanism, to identify the risk of job employees to give funds. Regularly carry out no risk assessment activities, monthly in the enterprise to carry out the appraisal, the implementation of rewards and punishments. Teams and groups are the smallest of the enterprise, only the team's home security, enterprise can stabilize the cornerstone of enterprise management in the team, the safety of production in teams and groups, everyone is a safety officer.
Create a learning team, when the post class, use and safety knowledge contest, classroom education, on-site education, on-site checks and other means, to carry out the question of the day, a Monday, daily one hour reading case and other team activities, improve their knowledge, awareness, enhance staff skills.
According to Li Guangrong introduction, science and technology is an important measure for prevention and control of the use of high-tech means of supervision and management and staff, is a kind of mandatory compliance and prevent "psychological cautiousness", is the effective means to reduce blind spots and vulnerability management.
Installation of advanced equipment, the implementation of scientific and technological prevention and control. The implementation of the finger oral work method, curing work standards and work procedures, so that the hand, brain, mouth, eyes, ears, coordination and unity. Safety management to improve, enterprises realize the double 02.
The ultimate goal of enterprise security management is to pursue the zero hidden danger, to achieve zero injury; to shape the essence of safety first class staff team, to create a first-class enterprise. The implementation of abnormal activity reporting system, strengthen the risk management work, strict implementation of the flare into the confined space, such as dangerous work safety standards, strict project examination and approval procedures, personnel at all levels to implement the responsibility to carry out risk analysis and preventive measures. Enterprises in the open parking, maintenance, trial production and other abnormal activities, strictly implement the reporting system, the implementation of the preventive measures, organize the relevant experts to review daily safety supervision and management department for approval before implementation. Continue to carry out the "dangerous work demonstration week" activities. Carry out the safety standard, the post standard and professional standards, the task to details, standard norms, do the job responsibilities, work procedures, operation standard, process record, performance evaluation, improved security. To urge enterprises to increase investment in safety, improve the production safety cost of extraction and use of management system, establish the extraction and use of management accounting.
In order to further implement the safety management of chemical "three of the six step method" and the mayor Liu Yu important instructions, Shandong Depp chemical company in the "lean production implementation of Safety Month activities:" learning process, to improve the ability of learning system, and strict implementation of "law"; not change law, people can not change". Requires all units to take this event as an opportunity to seriously organize a comprehensive safe production, clean production, energy saving and energy saving big discussion, big check. The accident case analysis, optimization of process improvement research, troubleshooting, recognition and experience exchange interaction, check the production place of the risk factors, operation specification is sound; check the safety consciousness of the staff and work in the "three violations" phenomenon; there are security risks, process equipment and facilities of production safety inspection process; do encounter problems try to solve the problems, difficult to meet difficulties in the production of ideas; practice as a starting point to start the discussion, do study, communication, discussion, collision, summarizing and refining, lifting, lifting a real to change ideas, with vigour and vitality, full participation, full interactive brainstorming, to to solve the safety, environmental protection, process optimization, energy saving and other issues.


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